Story So Far

Right from the conception of the idea to do things differently, each day has a different yarn to roll out and probably a story that is simply more inspiring by the day. Creating OKWU’S masterpiece is beyond innovation.. it is the birth of a concept to ease constant need of technology driven smart life . We are an ‘answer’ to future automation and trends. The idea is to capitalize changing consumer behavior and enhance the smartphone experience. Our focus is not just to establish connections between people through apps or social media but our phones will connect devices, which will change the people’s lifestyle . Smart Technology is all about M2M (machine-to-machine) communication, such as robots, smart cars, and computing systems which demonstrate problem-solving and decision-making capabilities, without human interaction. Amidst such change, it is imperative to understand the potential and need for such applications that are gradually shaping our future. We are the believers of contemporary advancements which helped us in creating a perfect amalgamation of man and smart machines. To accomplish this thought and present our brainchild in the market we need to be the forces of ‘adhesion’ and ‘cohesion’.

Our Mission

At OKWU, we aim to innovate, design, develop and produce the best in class devices that automates our lifestyle. To transform the way an individual communicates with surrounding, the way we learn, live, work and play. To outshine the world variety of cellular technology with sheer innovation and electronic intelligence and establish ourselves as one of the most treasured brands in India . To conceptualize universal acceptance that will turn OKWU into a brand to reckon with.

Our Vision

OKWU India Private Limited was incorporated with a vision to transport technology into every home and each hand, making it within reach of everyone.

Feel The Power
in Your Hand

in every hand


adopt the


Push the limits of software technology that goes beyond capacities of existing brands, laying emphasis on providing automated living through augmented assistance.


Technology should be a facility for all, not a privilege for few. Being reachable to masses is a prime focus of the brand emphasizing on making the technology relevant in present and future.


Leave behind the hassles day to day tasks. Get one point access for your day to day life. Take control and be free.


Stay ahead of the curve, be the first to take the leap into the future now. It is as easy as connecting the dots.

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